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The territory

Embark on an adventure and discover the green lung of Sicily! If you enjoy being active or just love nature, the Nebrodi mountains will satisfy your desires. It is the main mountain chain on the island, spread out over 86000 hectares that extend over Messina, to the Madonie mountains until the slopes of Mount Etna. Thanks to its mild climate, you will be able to explore with ease the lakes and rivers, the rolling hills and hilltop perched villages along with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Our excursions


Spend some quality time immersed in nature. Nebrodi Experience offers 3 excursions suitable for children. Choose between Tindari and Marinello Lake Natural Reserve, the Wood of the Tassita or the Sentiero Goletta.


If you love long walks in nature come and discover the most pleasant pathways of the area. An awe-inspiring experience to be shared with others. Choose your destination between : Catafurco Waterfalls, San Salvatore di Fitalia and La dorsale dei Nebrodi.


Are you looking for something a little more adventurous? Take in the sunset on the peak of the Rocche del Crasto after a long satisfying walk.

Tindari and the Marinello Lake Nature Reserve

Tindari is a place of pilgrimage not just for Catholics but also for those seeking stunning landscapes that give you a feeling of elation.

✔ Length km 6     ✔ Low difficulty     ✔ Lunch break


Put on your boots, grab your backpack and go on a 10km walk along nature. As you walk along the untamed trail, you will start to hear the sound of the water trickling down the valley. When you reach the rural village of Molina with its typical “pagghiari” huts, pause and cool down by the spring that pours out from the rocks...

✔ Length km 10     ✔ Medium difficulty     ✔ Lunch break

The Tassita's Wood

Take a break. Spend a day of pure magic with your kids surrounded by beech trees that seem to touch the sky. Your tour guide will walk you through the woods and show you all that this magnificent place has to offer: maple, holly, moss, dog-rose plants and lots of fresh air…

✔ Length km 6     ✔ Difficulty Easy     ✔ Lunch break

Sunset on the Rocche del Crasto

Dominate the sea and touch the clouds, on the steep hills of the Rocche del Crasto. Come with us on the top of the hill and experience the mesmerizing sunset. Between Longi, Frazzanò and San Marco d’Alunzio, where the sky and earth merge in the territory of the golden eagle and griffon vulture…

✔ Length km 5     ✔ Medium difficulty     ✔ Pic-nic

San Salvatore di Fitalia

Come and explore this little centre in the Nebrodi. As you walk your way up towards "Vina" street you will reach the highest peak of the mountain “Rocca Pietra Giuda”...

✔ Length km 10     ✔ Difficulty Moderate     ✔ Lunch break

The Nebrodi's Backbone

Walk up to the peak of the mountain: take a walk along the backbone of the Nebrodi and feel as if you are flying over the land. Dominate the sea and hills of the Nebrodi. The air at this altitude will open up your lungs and refresh your mind...

✔ Length km 16     ✔ Medium difficulty     ✔ Lunch break

The Surprise Excursion

Every Sunday Nebrodi Experience offers you a surprise excursion.
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Our guides

Calogero Calà



Tour Guide and mountain bike guide. He has expert knowledge of the area and of the local flora and fauna.
His passion for this marvellous territory was passed down to him from his father who is also a tour guide.

Franco Favazzo



A former cyclist, his passion for sports and active lifestyle has led him to always be in close contact with nature. Today Franco is a naturalist and studies the history of the Etna. He also loves to write poems in the local dialect.

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